Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The beginning of the end...hospice

We had such a lovely visit yesterday - just being. We watched "the Ghost Whisperer" and muted the commercials. During which, I told her how much I (and the whole array of framed pictures) loved her. I read her a few favorite Hafiz poems.

It is all I know to do.

It has been 10 years of caring for my mother in various capacities. She has been what I say - time traveling - while I stay "here" in time-space. She has no memory of the last decade. That is nature of (her) dementia.

Elizabeth Sr is in hospice now. But she has been there 4 months and is on her 4th roommate; it is a wonderful place with angel-like caretakers all around. I used to volunteer at Coming Home Hospice so I know a few people but they would be this kind even if I was a total stranger.

It is lightening to see my mother get such care.

She is responding to that love too. Volunteer choirs sing to her, they feed her well. Other volunteers read her poetry. She has her own TV that she can watch even when she is not watching.

There is a chaplain too that reminds her of her living son Ted too. This is also the nature of her dementia, she transposes the people she misses to the living beings in front of her - caring for her.

Pretty smart way to live...

Lessons everywhere - "Everyone is God Talking. Let's be polite and listen to Him." - Hafiz translated by Ladinsky.